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Happy Endings. . . Happy Beginnings

Our Adoption Program has placed hundreds of puppies and kittens with families over the years. We come to love each of them and it is always bittersweet to say good bye. We especially enjoy it when they come back for visits over the years.

Below are our adorable 2006 adoptees.

This fuzzy little guy, who we called "Roosevelt" (since he looked like a Teddy bear), found his home in January, 2006. Roosevelt came down with Parvovirus while in quarantine (the reason we have a quarantine!!) along with his two sweet sisters. The little girls were too sick to survive, but, with aggressive treatment and the help of a sturdy constitution, Roosevelt fully recovered from the Parvo and went to his home healthy, happy and ready for fun! We always get especially attached to our puppies and kittens that we nurse through serious illness, so we'll look forward to seeing him healthy and happy over the years.

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These four adorable little brothers each found loving homes in February - March 2006.

This handsome little one found his home in April, 2006.
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Lucky "Spanky" was discovered as a tiny puppy by one of our staff members living in less than ideal conditions chained in a yard. During a friendly chat, the owner let our staff member know that he didn't want the puppy and happily agreed to transfer ownership to our adotion program. Within days of completing quarantine, Spanky had himself a new family and a new home (and probably a new name by now!). April, 2006

These darling girls each found families in April to May, 2006.

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These three sweethearts found their homes in April, 2006.
"Reba" found her life-time home in July, 2006.

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Summer 2006, we were overrun with adorable tabby kittens! Six sweet tabbies from two litters found their homes this summer. Four are pictured at left.
(Getting six to pose at the same time was impossible!!)

"Blackie" found her home in July, 2006.
Adoptive Puppy Lily

"Lily" came to us as a darling tiny puppy at about 5 weeks of age. She had been taken from her mother too young and was not thriving with her owners, who decided to relinquish her since they were unable to care for her. When Lily came to us, she was dehydrated and undernourished, but with some rehydration, noursishing foods and lots of simple TLC, she thrived and is a healthy, happy and spoiled little puppy! We enjoyed babying her and we all miss her greatly.

Lily spent a lot of time with the Zucker family and other staff members and it took all the strength of will from all members of the Zucker family not to keep her (but we already have a very full pet family!!) She was adopted by a loving family as soon as she was out of quarantine (August, 2006).

This elegant kitten found her home in August, 2006. In fact, a client in the waiting room reserved her when her rescuer brought her in to the front desk for admission into the adoption program and her new owner took her home as soon as she completed her quarantine! An AMC record for fast adoption!! Adoptive Siamese Kitten

Adoptive KittensCalico Tabby Adoptive Kitten

These darlings found their homes in August, 2006 

These three sweet hearts found homes in September, 2006. Enjoy your homes, little fuzzballs!
Adoptive KittenAdoptive KittenAdoptive Kitten

"Cheddar" found his home in September, 2006. He stole a heart on our staff and made his home with our very own Carolyn and her husband John and their two dogs Brandy and Ginger who have successfully learned to share their home with a CAT!! 

Oh my, what big eyes you have!! Cute, isn't he?!

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Second Chance Adoption

This lovely male kitten was adopted for a second chance at a happy home in September, 2006. Originally adopted through AMC earlier in the summer (see his picture with littermates on the red blanket), this darling was returned to AMC because the owner developed severe allergies. Fortunately, he was still young, healthy and well socialized and so was very adoptable and he quickly found himself a new, loving home. Our thanks go to both his first owner who took good care of him while she had him and returned him before he became harder to adopt and especially to his new, lifetime owner who has given him a second chance at a good life.

His story had a happy ending, but often times impulse decisions have tragic consequences for adoptive pets. Although we do our best to counsel adoptive owners to make good choices and to screen for good homes, the responsibility for making good choices rests with the owners. Please think carefully before adopting a pet! Their best chance at a good home is during their cute (and impressionable) babyhood and many never get a second chance at a good family because they are abandoned to the street or become "unadoptable" because of neglect, acquired behavior problems, age or illness.

Shelby found her lifetime home in September, 2006.

Shelby had been brought to AMC very ill with parvovirus, but her prior owner was not able to care for her. We hospitalized her and successfully treated her parvovirus and she was then adopted by a loving home. 

Shelby is a truly great little dog who stole our hearts while she was in our care. We miss her already and we look forward to watching her grow up with her new family.

Adoptive Puppy Shelby

Adoptive Kittens This darling trio of black tabby kittens found their homes in time for Halloween in September and October, 2006.

"Marcello" found his home in October, 2006. No Description

Puppies These two sweet girls found their life-time homes in November, 2006.

This sweet darling found his home in December, 2006. Long Hair Tabby Adoptive Kitten
Adoptive Kittens These four darlings November & December, 2006.