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Happy Endings. . . Happy Beginnings

Our Adoption Program has placed hundreds of puppies and kittens with families over the years. We come to love each of them and it is always bittersweet to say good bye. We especially enjoy it when they come back for visits over the years.

Below are our adorable 2007 adoptees.

Adoptive Kittens

These three darlings found their lifetime homes in January and February, 2007.

These darling girls (sisters of the three pictured above) found homes in January, 2007.

Fuzzy Darling FemaleFemale Kitten

Proud Mary


Diamond - 3 week old angel


Mary and her 7 angels. Clockwise from Mary & newborns. Mary (mom) and Sparkle (looking left) are now beloved Zucker dogs. Diamond, Jack, Bob, SnowStorm, Peanut and Addie "Star" all found loving homes in February & March, 2007. We love and miss each of you! Visit us!!!! 


Peanut, 5 weeks old



Cat in the Bush

"Cat in the Bush" found his lifetime home in April, 2007. He was found, on a rainy afternoon, huddled in the middle of a large bush here on the grounds of AMC. Dr. Zucker and his wife were driving out of the AMC driveway for lunch when they were surprised to see a cat huddled in the bush, getting wet on a cool rainy afternoon. AMC staff members were able to collect him and brought him into AMC. Upon exam, Dr. Zucker noted that he is a "polydactyl" cat meaning he has an extra toe on two of his paws. The nails on these extra toes had not been properly trimmed and so had grown into the paw pads and they had become inflamed and infected. To clean up his wounds, we anesthetized Cat in the Bush and Dr. Zucker also neutered him at that time. Cat in the Bush (aka Felix) soon healed and found himself a loving, permanent home.

Sweet "Bella" found her lifetime home in April, 2007. . .  Just two days after finishing quarantine. Lucky Bella and a lucky new family! 


No Description

Cheetah found her loving lifetime home in April, 2007. One of our veterinary assistants has volunteered to bottle raise this homeless orphan until she was old enough to enter our Adoption Program. A predictable job hazard at AMC is the undeniable heart tug that these tiny helpless creatures can exert on our staff members, especially when they require intensive care as this one did. . . our team member couldn't give her up and so gladly added her to her own family.

Sweet Ashley found her lifetime home in May, 2007 with our own Registered Veterinary Technician, Lori. Once they go home with a staff member to be bottle fed and loved, they rarely seem to return to our adoption program!


These four darlings and their sweet mom, Bonnie, found their lifetime homes in May and June, 2007.


DivaCupcake & Cuddles

These three sweeties found homes in June, 2007. The pair on the right were littermates. Cuddles (middle) found a home first and then his sister Cupcake found a home along with her friend, Diva (far left). We were especially happy to see Diva get a great home with a friend, because she had had a rough start in life. She had been found alone and in rough shape on the Mileground, but soon enough healed well. Then, she had a wild playtime in the staff room and broke a bone in her foot! (Which is healing just fine!) It's always especially satisfying to find a good placement for a pet who has had a rocky beginning.

These two lovebugs found a home together in June, 2007.



This darlings found a home in the summer of 2007.


This sweetheart found homes in the summer of 2007.




Hannah found her lifetime home in July, 2007.

Chanel (formerly "Harriet") found her lifetime home in July, 2007.


Roxy (Eewok)

Roxy (formerly "Eewok") found her lifetime home with our very own staff member Erin (and her husband) in July, 2007.

George found his lifetime home in August, 2007.


Amos & Andy

"Andy" (left) and "Amos" (right) found their lifetime homes in August, 2007.

JoJo found her lifetime home in October, 2007.


Isabel and her 6 babies

Isabel and her six darling kittens found families in the fall of 2007.

Libby found her lifetime home in December, 2007.



Julie found her home (along with her pal, Isabel, above) just in time for Christmas, 2007. Thanks to our very special client who answered these two girls' Christmas wishes.

These beautiful girls spent an unfairly long time at AMC and will keep their places in our hearts.