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Healthy Pet Adoption Program

Thank you for considering giving a needy pet a loving home!

We love animals just as you do and our Adoption Program is our favorite charity effort. Nothing makes us happier than placing a homeless pet with his or her very own family, even though we're often very sad to see them go after loving on them for a few weeks. As a matter of fact, many of our staff have made rescued pets into beloved family members.

Who's Available Now? Healthy, loving puppies and kittens are usually waiting for a family. Click here for details on who's available now.

We cherish our little AMC puppies and kittens while they are with us and we are committed to making sure each one finds a home full of love with a family committed to providing him or her with good care and lots of affection.

When you are considering a new pet, we encourage you to check with us first. As part of our mission to serve animals and their families, Animal Medical Center helps match healthy, needy pets with loving homes. Quite often we have puppies or kittens available for caring families. 

No DescriptionEach adoptive pet is given a thorough exam by one of our veterinarians and is dewormed, fully up to date on her immunizations, bathed, and treated for any other medical conditions. To further ensure that the pets we offer are healthy, each pet is kept in "quarantine" for at least a week before being offered for adoption. While they are with us, our staff gives them lots of love, attention and care to help ensure they are ready to bond with your family. We also attempt to expose our AMC pets to varying social settings when appropriate so they are more confident in their new homes. 

Puppies are leash walked many times throughout the day and may go on "field trips" to staff member homes or local play areas to help them become comfortable in a variety of normal home situations. Many of our puppies are well on their way to potty training by the time we adopt them and they all get plenty of practice with leashes, simple commands and basic good manners.

Animal Medical Center supports most of the costs of this program as our gift to needy pets. Our Needy Pet Fund also helps support this program.

An Adoption Fee is required with all adoptions to help defray a small portion of the expenses of their care. We routinely spay or neuter all adoptive pets before adoption. The adoption fee for altered pets is $100.

On the occasions that a pet is placed in a home prior to spay or neuter (typically only very young adoptees), the adoptive owner must commit to altering the pet by 6 months of age. For adoptions of unaltered pets, the adoption fee is also $100.  However, we offer a $100 discount towards the spay or neuter at AMC so long as surgery is completed between 4 and 6 months of age. 

No DescriptionThousands of healthy, happy puppies, kittens, dogs and cats are euthanized every year in our community just because they don't have a home. Meanwhile, many families want to welcome a new pet but are not sure where to find a healthy, loving pet. Our Adoption Program is our way of serving these needs and giving back to our community

We urge you to spay or neuter all your pets.

Our ability to receive pets for adoption is limited by our space, staff and other resources. Be sure to call or email first before bringing animals to AMC.

Why Adopt an Orphan? 

There are many good reasons to consider adopting an orphaned or abandoned animal. 

1) You will know you have done a good deed by giving a wonderful life with your family to an animal who could have otherwise been euthanized for lack of a home. 

2) When adopting though AMC, you know your pet has been thoroughly examined and treated by a veterinarian and has been determined to be healthy and to have a good temperament.

3) Your mixed breed puppy or kitten is likely to be healthier and live longer than a pure bred animal! "Hybrid vigor" is the term used to describe the fact that mixed-breed animals tend to be healthier than pure breds. This is because genetic based diseases become more frequent in pure breds because of inbreeding and also because the appearance-based traits breeders select for sometimes lead to health problems.

This is not to say that pure bred animals do not make wonderful pets. We love ALL pets here! 

No DescriptionHelping prepare these orphaned pets for loving homes is important to us and is our small way of "giving back" to our community. Pictured at left is a vintage photo of Dr. Zucker's family socializing a litter of adoptive kitties.

Say No to Puppy Mills

Adopting a homeless pet from a reputable adoption program while avoiding disreputable adoption programs, pet store pets, on-line pet sales and any but the very smallest and best professional breeders helps stop the tragic cycle of abuse that occurs in puppy mills (commercial for profit pet breeders).

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