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Client Services Team

Alyssa BClient Services Manager, Administrative AssistantAlyssa Everly

Alyssa grew up in Preston County and came to Morgantown to find employment. Alyssa joined our staff in 2006 and rapidly became a core member of our client services team. Alyssa's gentle and helpful nature as well as her eagerness to learn have made her a great team member. 

Alyssa and her husband John share their home with their daughter Everlee, cats Loki, Leo and Lenox (Leo and Lenox were both adopted through our Adoption Program) as well as Luda, a mixed breed dog. As the coordinator of our AMC Adoption Program, Alyssa ensures that all of our adoptive pets receive the preventive health care they need and also reviews applications to ensure good matches between our adoptive pets and the families who would like to adopt.

Alyssa loves animals and she enjoys the opportunity that AMC provides her to help animals and to be around a variety of interesting people and their pets.

Lynnette B, Client Services

A native of Pennsylvania, Lynnette comes to AMC with a varied background that we are excited about having her utilize here.  She studied early childhood education for a while and has a strong interest in psychology, but her real passion is animal care.  She and her husband, Travis, share their home with with a lovable Maine Coon cat named Frankenstein and his feline sidekick, Adam.  Lynnette enjoys office work and is looking forward to furthering her education...and she is always ready and willing to cuddle with all the patients! And she enjoys the adoptive pets so much that she also assists with the Adoption Program, too! 

Lynnette has become an integral part of our client services team and our perpetual ray of sunshine! 

Allison R.
(BS in Hospitality Management), Client Services

Allison comes to us after having served as a Restaurant Manager for Hershey Entertainment and Resorts (the sweetest place on earth!). She loves customer service and talking to and meeting new people; combine that with her love for animals and we have a natural fit for our Client Services Team! She and her husband have relocated to Morgantown so her husband could start his residency with WVU Hospitals (thank you, Chris!). Originally from Tennessee, she grew up on a farm and currently cares for her own three furry “kids” and a Betta Fish. She aspires to own her own business one day – potentially a boarding kennel. Please welcome Allison to the AMC team!!

Carolyn H, (B.M. music education), Office Manager

Carolyn joined AMC in early 2006 as a receptionist. She soon proved to be a natural leader and a perfect fit for AMC and has since been promoted to managing our administrative office. In everything she does, Carolyn demonstrates her commitment to animal welfare as well as to excellence in both the medical care we provide pets and to the service we provide our clients. 

Carolyn came to WVU where she earned her bachelors in music education. She and her husband John currently share their home with a sweet little canine bundle of energy (Nugget) and their cat, Cheddar, who was adopted through our own  Adoption Program.

We are delighted that Carolyn's career path has brought her to veterinary medicine and that she has found a workplace home here at AMC. She loves that her job here combines her office skills with her love for animals and people. Carolyn's warmth, intelligence, calm and passionate caring for animals make her a natural for this field.


Fido is an African Grey Parrot who resides in our reception area. Fido can be very gregarious. When he wants affection, he may go to great lengths to get it including sliding down the bars of his condo.

When clients aren't about in the reception area to entertain him, Fido often resides on his "free" perch in the back treatment area where he can hop off and visit with staff members at will. When he wants to visit with someone, he will climb on nearby equipment to get to you or just stretch his wings towards you. At times, he has been known to hop off his perch, trot across the floor and begin nuzzling at someone's shoe to let them know he'd like picked up.  

Fido's vocabulary is quite large. He often mimics a telephone answering machine by answering "hello" when the phone rings. He'll then say "bye" and make a "boop" just like an answering machine does. He barks like a dog, screeches like an angry cat, trots like a horse, chatters, laughs, mumbles, whistles and generally mimics virtually any noise that he hears. Around the holidays, Fido loves to say "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!"  Lately, Fido's favorite phrase has been "I love you". Since parrots learn by mimicing the people around them, you can quickly figure out that we all love Fido! 
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