Animal Medical Center

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Dr. Steve Zucker, Dr. Karin Patterson as well as our relief veterinarians are committed to practicing the very best possible primary care veterinary medicine. Our veterinarians adhere to the highest standards of medical ethics and medical care and they all attend many hours of continuing education each year to keep up with medical advances and expand their skills.

We respect the close bonds between pets and their owners and we seek to help families provide the high quality care needed for their pets to live long, healthy, comfortable lives. 

Steve Zucker (DVM, MS), Veterinarian & Owner 

Animal Medical Center - Morgantown, WV - Dr. Steve ZuckerDr. Zucker has a special interest in advanced diagnostics, particularly ultrasound, to provide the best care possible for your pets. He gained his expertise in ultrasound through elective courses while attending veterinary college, continuing professional education, and through extensive experience in private practice. 
Dr. Zucker is a native of Ohio, but his grandmother grew up in Fairmont, so he returned to his ancestral roots by settling here in Morgantown. Dr. Zucker graduated with a B.S. in biology from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania in 1988. He continued his education by earning a M.S. from Oregon State University in aquatic ecology and ultimately earned his D.V.M. (cum laude) from the University of Georgia. He "earned his stripes" working as an associate veterinarian in "big city" practices in northern Virginia before purchasing AMC and settling here in lovely Morgantown in 2004.
Dr. Zucker and his wife Stephanie have three children (Katie, Nathan and Bella), dogs Gellie (pictured here with Sparkle - RIP) and Prairie
, and four cats (Kittles, Flash, Dusty and Misty). When he isn't busy with his work or his family, Dr. Zucker enjoys fishing, skiing, backpacking, and gardening.


Animal Medical Center - Morgantown, WV - Dr. Karin PattersonKarin Patterson (DVM), Veterinarian

Dr. Patterson is a talented and committed veterinarian with a long history in Morgantown and has been a veterinarian at AMC since 2007. Dr. Patterson and her husband, Ray, share their home with their three children (Kyle, Rachael and Claire) and cat Nimbus and adopted dog Wilson.

In early 2007, Dr. Zucker's wife, Stephanie, met Dr. Patterson on the local soccer fields while Stephanie was socializing their puppy Sparkle at their children's soccer games. Sparkle made friends with Dr. Patterson's toddler;  Stephanie was snack mom that week, so the chocolate chip cookies and juice boxes also helped make friends! After chatting for a while about their pets and families, it came out that Dr. Patterson was a veterinarian, had been taking some time off to be home full time and was now open to considering a position at AMC. Dr. Zucker and Dr. Patterson talked, worked together for a few shifts, and Dr. Patterson agreed to join our staff!

We even put our pets to work for AMC, and this time we can thank Sparkle for helping us recruit such a fantastic addition to our team.
We think it was karma's positive pay back for rescuing Sparkle's mom, Mary. . .

Dr. Patterson graduated (summa cum laude) from WVU in 1996 with her B.S. in Animal & Veterinary Science. After completing her DVM (magna cum laude) at the Ohio State University in 2000, Dr. Patterson settled here in Morgantown.  



Animal Medical Center - Morgantown, WV - Dr. Linda BlakeleyLinda Blakeley (DVM), Relief Veterinarian

Dr. Blakeley received her DVM from the Ohio State University in 1989 and practiced mixed animal medicine in northeast Pennsylvania for 5 years before returning to her native West Virginia. Dr. Blakeley has served as a relief veterinarian for many years; she appreciates the opportunities and challenges that this type of practice presents.  She continues to enjoy working with pets and their people as well as with animal rescue/shelter pets.

She and her husband, Tim, live on a 70 acre farm in Preston County with their 1 dog, 1 cat, 20 Devon/Angus cattle, too many draft horses, and plenty of chickens!  Their main farm products are pasture grasses which the farm animals utilize with gusto.  Her hobbies include knitting, rock climbing, and reading.