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Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment at Animal Medical Center! 

You may scroll to the bottom of this page to print out our application and pre-interview sheets for the position(s) you are interested in. You may drop off your application and pre-interview sheet along with a resume anytime during normal business hours.  You may also fax it to 304-292-5972 or email it to  

We are always glad to accept resumes and applications from enthusiastic, hard working, dependable, kind, team oriented people who wish to join our team of veterinary health care professionals. Even when we are not actively recruiting for a particular position, we are always eager to talk to people with experience in and commitment to the veterinary field.

Positions for which we may, from time to time, have openings include:


Responsibilities include ensuring exceptional client service, educating clients on wellness topics, scheduling appointments, answering the telephone, setting up new clients and patients, preparation and maintenance of medical records, admitting and discharging patients, over the counter sales, mailings, computer operation, financial transactions, filing, and front office and reception area maintenance.


Registered Veterinary Technicians (licensed RVTs) and Veterinary Nurses (on-the-job-trained Veterinary Nurses) are responsible for assisting the doctors, laboratory procedures, radiology, client communication, medical procedures, record keeping, pharmacy, hospital maintenance, operation and maintenance of instruments and equipment, inventory, daily treatment of hospitalized patients, rehabilitation, assisting in the operating room and maintenance of the OSHA and Hazardous Materials safety programs.

At AMC, our technicians and nurses are highly trained and have substantial experience in the field. Our nurses typically have three to five years experience in the veterinary field. 

Although we have occasionally been fortunate to hire Nurses or Technicians with excellent skills that they gained through prior employment or education, most of our Nursing staff have been trained on-the-job here at Animal Medical Center. As a progressive, team-centered practice, we depend on our nurses to perform many varied and important duties that require extensive training and skills. Since there is a limited number of licensed RVTs or experienced nurses available, we have a formal training and mentoring program to help transform our new hires into exceptional veterinary medical personnel, no matter their prior experience. Every successful team member is committed to excellence in themselves and their team, devoted to the field of veterinary medicine and dedicated to learning.


Veterinary Assistants are our entry level nurses and they generally have had at least 3 to 6 months experience as an Animal Care Attendant at AMC or at least 6 months nursing experience at another practice. They perform limited nursing duties as they learn nursing skills on-the-job. Depending on performance, interest and aptitude, Assistants may be promoted to Nursing after 8 to 18 months (full-time equivalent) of excellent performance.


Our Animal Care Attendants (ACAs) are responsible for animal handling, bathing and medical grooming, cleaning, feeding, laundry, record keeping, hospital cleaning and maintenance.
Animal Care Attendant is our entry level animal care position. Depending on the ACA's interest, scheduling availability and aptitude, Animal Care Attendants are often promoted to Assistant after several months of excellent performance and successful training.


We occasionally agree to allow responsible young people to volunteer at AMC. Typically, these volunteers are WVU students interested in a career in veterinary medicine. Volunteer duties are determined by the aptitude and interests of the volunteer. Volunteers are provided with safety and other training just like any other new hire and are supervised by staff members at all times to ensure their safety as well as the well being of patients.

Regular volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. In certain circumstances, younger people (over 14 years of age) may be permitted to volunteer on a limited basis, generally by socializing our adoptive pets.

We are only able to accommodate a very limited number of volunteers, so please do not be discouraged if we are not able to have you volunteer at this time.

Please mail or drop off your resume to:

Animal Medical Center
460 Hartman Run Rd,
Morgantown, WV 26505

or FAX to (304) 292-5972 or email to

You may print our application forms from the menu below. All applicants must complete the basic AMC Application for Employment and should also complete the pre-interview sheet(s) for the position(s) desired. Resumes and/or cover letters are also welcome but not required. Please bring your application package to AMC or, if you prefer, come to AMC to complete the application in person.

Animal Medical Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, family status, sexual orientation or any other protected class. We are committed to providing a safe, fair and equitable work place.

File NameDescription / Comment
AMC Application for EmploymentAll applicants should complete this form. Add the pre-interview sheet for the position you desire.
Animal Care Attendant Pre-Interview SheetAdd this page to your application if you are applying for the Animal Care Attendant position.
Assistant, Nurse or RVT Pre-Interview SheetAdd this to your application if you are applying to be a veterinary assistant, nurse or RVT. If you are inexperienced, please ALSO complete the Animal Care Attendant pre-interview sheet.
Client Services/Reception Pre-Interview SheetAdd this to your application if you are applying to join our client services (reception) team.