Animal Medical Center

460 Hartman Run Rd
Morgantown, WV 26505


Dr. Karin Patterson & Dr. Steve ZuckerFrequently Asked Questions

Is AMC a full service veterinary hospital or just a clinic?

AMC is a full service veterinary hospital. We offer a full range of medical services including wellness care, diagnostic services, surgery and internal medicine. Learn more about our services here.

Is your staff nice?

Yes, they are! This may sound like a silly question, but we know that having a considerate, service-oriented staff makes a world of difference to our clients! We're very proud of our team and we are confident you'll love them, too. We hire for attitude and aptitude and we continuously train for excellent client service in addition to medical excellence. Schedule your appointment here and see for yourself if we don't WOW you! 

Do you really care about animals?

Everyone who works for AMC really, truly, loves animals. We're serious about our furry families. All of our staff have beloved furry family members and count themselves privileged to walk the journey of pet ownership with you and your family as well. 

Can I make payments?

Yes! We offer 6 month interest free Care Credit payment plans, on credit approval. View our financial policy here

Are your facilities safe, clean and up-to-date?

Yes! We are glad to offer you a tour at any time, or take a virtual tour here

I have a new puppy (or kitten). What veterinary care does she need?

Providing your new baby with good medical care will protect him or her from many dangerous diseases and parasites. Check out our Puppy Plan or Kitten Plan to learn about what your new furry family member needs from the veterinarian during the first year of life.

Do you do ultrasound?

Yes, Dr. Zucker has a special interest in diagnostic imaging. Having this non-invasive, sophisticated imaging technology available in-house allows for safe, effective diagnosis of many cancers, heart conditions and other illnesses. 

How can I wrangle an invitation to the Holiday Open House so I can get some of those adorable photos of my pet with Santa Zucker?

We invite all of our clients to our annual open house extravaganza. Just make sure we have your email address on file and you'll be sure to get a personal e-invitation, or check back on the website next fall for details.

Does AMC do charity care?

Yes, we give back to our community in several ways. Through our AMC Adoption Program, we contribute thousands of dollars of charity care to pets in Morgantown each year. We also participate in local efforts to provide low cost spay/neuter services. We also support local sports teams, scout troops, and other charitable causes.

Do you have pets available for adoption?

Yes, we usually do! We often have kittens or puppies available to good homes through our Adoption Program. View our past adoptees or currently available pets here!

Do you offer boarding?

Yes, we offer boarding to established AMC patients.  Make your reservation here.

Do you offer grooming?

We gladly offer bathing, nail trims, and any medically necessary grooming. But, we don't offer "fancy" grooming. 

My pet needs to be spayed / neutered. Isn't it a simple surgery? Does the skill of the surgeon or quality of the surgical procedure really matter?

Even though these are the most common of veterinary surgeries, they can actually be rather complex procedures. Having a skilled surgeon using modern safety protocols with a well trained nurse assistant, high quality equipment and materials, and modern techniques make these common surgeries both safer and less painful. To assure the best possible outcome for your beloved pet, we treat these common surgeries as the major procedures they really are, with excellent safety protocols and modern surgical techniques. Learn more about our spay / neuter procedures and our Consumer Guide before scheduling this once-in-a-lifetime procedure. 

How do you handle emergencies?

We know that it means a lot to have a trusted veterinarian help you in a crisis. If you are an established client and your pet has an emergency during the veterinarian's office hours, we will never turn you away. For after-hours instructions, go here.

I'm ready to schedule an appointment. How can I do that?

Just call us at (304) 292-0126 or request an appointment online!