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ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

24 hour emergency hotline for poison control
$65 fee per incident

Pet Poison Helpline

24 hour emergency hotline for poison control
$39 fee per incident

The American Red Cross Pet First Aid App

mobile app for iPhone and Android


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Companion Animal Parasite Council

The CAPC is an organization that develops standards for controlling parasites in pets. Read here for details on what and why we recommend routine screening and control measures for internal parasites.


American Heartworm Society

The best source anywhere for comprehensive & current information
on heartworm prevention, testing and treatment for dogs and cats.
The source of our knowledge!


Center for Disease Control

Center for Disease Control

This U.S. government site provides information on human health issues associated with pets. This is a good source to learn about zoonotic diseases (such as parasite infections) that can be transmitted between pets and people. It is also a good site to learn about special precautions for people who are immune compromised (such as those with HIV).

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American Veterinary Medical Foundation

The AVMF is a charitable organization that supports disaster preparedness and disaster relief efforts for animals. They accept tax deductible contributions.

Visit for coupons, videos, and nutritional information about Ideal Balance, Science Diet and (veterinary only) Prescription Diet.