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Needy Pet Fund

Animal Medical Center - Morgantown, WV - AMC Needy Pet NiveahSick or injured pets are routinely presented to Animal Medical Center in urgent need of care; some of these pets need medical and/or surgical care but they either have no owner at all or the owner is not capable of providing financially for the emergent (and sometimes lifesaving) care. We make every effort to help these pets in their time of need through our Needy Pet Fund. We also appreciate our clients who are Good Samaritans to pets in need.

NPF benificiary: Niveah, pictured above right, had a severe "degloving" injury as a result of being hit by a car. Surgery successfully reattached the injured skin and she had a complete recovery from her serious injuries. 

Through the now defunct AAHA Helping Pets Fund and our Needy Pet Fund, we have been able to help several seriously ill or injured patients; we help dozens more each year through our Adoption Program. 

Our efforts primarily center on:

  • Housing, vaccinating and treating orphaned puppies and kittens. Once healthy, we find them permanent homes through our Adoption Program.
  • Assisting low and fixed income clients with needed pet care when it otherwise would not be financially possible for them to help their pet. Of course this assistance is limited to severe, life-threatening conditions.

Animal Medical Center - Morgantown, WV - AMC Needy PetWe accept donations from the public to assist us in our efforts in caring for our animal friends. Donated money is used strictly to help defray our actual costs of care, medications and supplies used in the care of these pets. Animal Medical Center directly donates the vast majority of the costs of this program as our service to the community through our Adoption Program. Donations may be made at any time -- just ask a receptionist or other team member

Needy Pet Fund assistance is available by application only. Sadly, while there is an unlimited need for assistance, resources are limited.

Animal Medical Center extends our sincere appreciation to the clients whose generous donations help support this vital program.

Animal Medical Center - Morgantown, WV - AMC Needy Pet MaryNPF Beneficiary: Mary's Story

Mary came to us in late December, 2006 very pregnant and in need of medical care as well as a loving, safe place to whelp and raise her puppies until they were old enough to enter our Adoption Program. Mary stole the Zuckers' hearts and made a permanent home with them, along with one of her seven angelic puppies, Sparkle. Mary's story and photo albums are posted on her own web pages.

NPF Beneficiary: Bob's Story

Animal Medical Center - Morgantown, WV - AMC Needy Pet BobBob was rescued in March, 2005 by a Morgantown couple who found him wandering their neighborhood with a tragic and cruel injury.

Animal Medical Center accepted ownership of him, provided needed surgery and medical care through our Needy Pet Fund and then placed with a loving permanent home through our Adoption Program.

Click here for Bob's whole story.

Warning: This is a sad story with some graphic details of abuse. Please preview before sharing with your children. There is, however, a very happy ending!