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New Pet Registration

Congratulations!! There are few things more wonderful than adding a new pet to your family. We look forward to meeting your newest family member and to helping you keep him or her healthy.

It is important to bring your new pet in for an exam promptly. Adoption centers, breeders and rescue groups rarely provide the level of veterinary care you expect for your pet. Due to sometimes limited resources or a lack of veterinary education, many organizations provide minimal (if any) veterinary care and so your new pet may very well be vulnerable to vaccine-preventable disease and/or be carrying contagious disease or parasites.

The sooner your pet receives veterinary care, the more likely he is to remain healthy. Young and/or stressed pets are especially vulnerable to disease and parasites. They need the protection of proper vaccines and parasite control as soon as possible.

If possible, we encourage new pet owners to schedule the first veterinary exam on the way home from the adoption center. This allows us to diagnose medical conditions and to begin parasite control and immunizations before your introduce the new pet into the household.

Pets can carry diseases and parasites that may be contagious to other pets in your home or even to people. If you have other pets in the home, it is best to keep your new pet away from your other pets (in a separate room) until he has had his first veterinary exam (to avoid transmitting contagious diseases that may be diagnosed upon exam). Also be sure to clean up any feces from your yard immediately (as feces transmits parasites).

Existing Clients with a new pet: You may use the form below to register your pet if you are not ready to schedule an appointment today or you may use the appointment request e-form to request an appointment.

New Clients: Please use the New Client Registration & Appointment Request form. That form provides space to register one pet. To register additional pets, you may use the form below or you may, of course, provide us with the other pet's information over the phone at (304) 292-0126 or in person at your appointment.

If your pet has received veterinary care elsewhere in the past: Please try to bring a copy of his medical records to your first appointment or ask your prior veterinarian to fax or email us the records. Most veterinarians are happy to fax or email records -- just give them our phone/fax or email and they will take care of the rest. If you need our assistance in getting records, just let us know and we'll help!

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