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Boarding Reservation Request - 1 Pet

Please review boarding policies before submitting your reservation request.

Upon receipt of your request, we will review your pet's medical records and get in touch with you to confirm the reservation and/or make arrangements for obtaining any needed medical records or medical care prior to boarding.

If your pet has not yet been seen by an AMC veterinarian, we will need to schedule an appointment for an exam (and review of prior veterinary records) before boarding. You may request a reservation here and also request an appointment at the same time if you wish. If you have any questions or would prefer to talk to us, please feel free to call us at(304) 292-0126.

The form below has space for information for one pet. If you will be boarding more than one pet, please use the 2 Pet Reservation Request form.

Reservation Request 1 Pet

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AMC has provided all recent veterinary care. Please review records and contact me if wellness updates are needed.
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My pet takes monthly heartworm & parasite preventative (Interceptor, Sentinel, HeartGard or Revolution)
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Boarding Instructions
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Special Diet Feeding. I will supply the food. (no charge)
Dogs only: An extra walk at mid-day ($5 per walk per day)
Nail trim
Bath before pick up (fees vary with size/species)
Ear cleaning
Anal gland expression
Medication administration (describe medication & dosing below)
Medical exam, treatment or other care (describe needs below)

Please provide details on needed medications or medical care

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