Animal Medical Center

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Children's Tours

If you have a scout, school or other group that would enjoy an educational and interactive visit behind the scenes at the hospital, we would be delighted to offer your group a tour. 

No DescriptionWe love our profession and we love kids. Showing kids what we do and maybe inspiring them a little bit is fun for us! Our tour is actually a one-hour mock exam, diagnostic plan and surgery! We use a stuffed animal as our patient (either Clifford or Spot). Tours are conducted by appointment on Thursday mornings/early afternoons. We are happy to provide a tour for your group; just call for scheduling and we will work with you to find a date that works.

No DescriptionOnce the kids are settled in and ready for the tour, one of our nurses meets the kids in the exam room where our patient is examined and "real" blood is drawn for blood testing. A "stool sample" is also collected from our kid clients and patient for diagnostics.  

No DescriptionNext is a series of x-rays that reveal a foreign body in the stomach (what it is will remain a surprise until you come on a tour).

Our nurse and guests then prepare our patient for surgery as all don caps and masks. Dr. Zucker then removes the foreign body and the patient is put into recovery where, of course, he recovers quickly and completely!

No DescriptionThroughout every tour, our fantastic staff provide age-appropriate information and answer all questions. Children are invited to touch and try out equipment within safety guidelines. They also get time to visit with our African grey parrot, Fido, and with any adoptive pets we have in the hospital.

Everyone even gets a couple of goodies to take home to remember the occasion.