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VIN Member

Animal Medical Center is a member of VIN, the Veterinary Information Network, because we choose to provide the best current health care available for your pet.

VIN is a membership-only veterinarian-only internet based network of over 24,000 of the world's best and most committed veterinarians.

VIN members have access to an internet bulletin board system with dozens of boards covering all aspects of veterinary medicine from Anesthesia to Zoonosis. A vast library of research papers, reference books, conference proceedings and hundreds of thousands of discussions are archived for efficient access by member veterinarians. Board-certified experts moderate each board and participate in discussions and answers in response to questions by member veterinarians. VIN also offers interactive continuing education classes for veterinarians.

Dr. Zucker uses VIN daily to research unusual cases and learn about the newest advances in standards of care and treatment options. When a deadly parvovirus outbreak began in Morgantown in 2005, Dr. Zucker learned on VIN that top researchers at universities were having success with using the antiviral tamiflu in the fight against parvovirus. Following the evolving treatment protocols reported by the top researchers in the field, Dr. Zucker introduced tamiflu to our treatment regimen against parvovirus and had dramatic success in greatly improved survival rates and more rapid recoveries.

The doctors, like Dr. Zucker, who invest in VIN are investing in improving not only their own knowledge and skills, but also in improving the lives of our patients and clients and help raise the standards of care for the entire veterinary community.

VIN also supports a sister website,VSPN, that serves the same needs as VIN but is devoted to our support staff. amc team members use VSPN to take classes, research topics and participate in discussion boards to help them develop their knowledge and abilities.

We live in a rapidly changing world: Like all health care professionals, we face rapid change - new diseases, new technologies, new drugs, and new treatments emerge every month. Remaining up-to-date with these changes is important, so we can offer the best care for your pets and best serve you. We also face new challenges such as monitoring emerging and exotic diseases -- like avian flu and West Nile virus -- and the threat of bioterrorism.

The knowledge and experience of thousands of veterinarians: As a member of VIN, we have constant access to a vast veterinary medical "library" and access to an online worldwide community of over 24,000 veterinarians, including hundreds of specialists.

Animal Medical Center
460 Hartman Run Road
Morgantown, WV 26505
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