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COVID 19 Update

We are committed to continuing to serve our patients and our community. We are continuously adapting our protocols to best serve our patients while also protecting our staff & community. 

Upon arrival in the parking lot, please remain in your vehicle & please call us from the parking lot upon arrival to check in 304-292-0126. We will ask you to remain in your vehicle while we come to you to bring your pet into the hospital for care. Please also plan ahead for wellness care and medication refills & allow for possible delays in getting a refill or a routine wellness appointment.

To protect public health, all clients and staff on AMC property must wear a mask or face covering when within 10 feet of anyone who doesn't live in their household. Please be sure to wear a face covering / mask when you will be handing off your pet and/or reuniting with your pet after their appointment. For the duration of the pandemic, AMC staff members will always be wearing a mask when they are on the job or on the property (unless they are alone and very far from other people). 

Please prepare to stay in your vehicle during your entire time on AMC property. Bring a book. Please be sure to answer your phone while you're in the parking lot -- we'll be calling, probably more than once! (Don't worry, we've added another phone line to make sure we can always take all the time you need to talk!) 


Clients are welcome to hang out at our one picnic table in the shade in our front yard (visible from the parking lot), so feel free to get out of your car and hang out in the shade with your pet and/or while you wait for your pet. Only ONE family group/household may be at the picnic table at a time, so don't approach the picnic table if anyone else is using it. 

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